Rez' Ek Dromax

Goblin Gladiator


Age: 21
Height: 3’9"
Weight: 62 lbs
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Yellow
Skin: Greenish pale
Other: Tattooed right arm and top of his head.

Wearing What appears to be studded leather armor, he also carries a stone scythe.
A greatsword rests on his back.
A longsword hangs of his hip.
A chain with two solid spheres attached to its ends is wrapped around his waist and over left shoulder.


High Concept: Defender of those unable to do so themselves, who will not give in till death takes him.

Trouble: Tends to speak his mind without thinking of the potential consequences.

Background: [Learning the many ways to combat the many creatures who subvert others.]

Rez’ Ek grow up in a quiet village. or so many wish so. His home had been involved in many raids, often resulting others being taken. while still young he was often forced to hide during these attacks.

As the years passed Rez’ Ek grew increasingly frustrated with the repeated attacks. He began to watch the invaders during the attacks and occasionally followed them. He watched how they fought and how they acted.

Each time he returned he would put the knowledge he obtained to use by training himself in these methods. Once in a while he would be joined by others who had similar views on the raids. however, all too often would he end up being alone in his training. many thought it was pointless to fight.

He quickly realized that while the village was raided many times the attackers were rarely the same as the invasion before. This allowed him to learn much about combat and the various styles employed.

One style seemed to stand out above the rest. An enemy used what looked like a large ball attached to a chain. this weapon could reach an enemy from a distance without the user being surrounded. He then would use another weapon if the enemy managed to close in.

Rez’ Ek new this method would be essential to his cause. he built his own version of this weapon and began training in its use. he often would injure himself. this led to additional training that allowed himself to learn how to resist the pain and use it to further fuel his cause.

Transition to Adulthood: [Many lives have been taken, its time to stand up against his enemies.]

After a few years Rez’ Ek, having learned much of the enemies, made a decision to take back what was taken. He knew that a direct assult was unlikely, so he strategized a way of doing it that fit with goblin life.

He would intentionally be captured knowing that many taken were sent to an arena to fight and die. he would resist the next attack with just enough to get the idea that he would be a good fighter within the arena. There he would find a way to fight the system from inside all the while learning more about the enemy and other ways of fighting.

The next few days he spent preparing and on the next raid he put his plan into action. He resisted well and eventually allowed himself to be captured. having learned the enemy language he knew that the plan was working when he overheard them mention the arena.

once at the arena he managed to befriend a marcellonian who went by the name of Dromax. after a few battles and learning the ways of the arena Dromax confided in Rez’ Ek that he was tired and ready for this to end.

The two agreed on a plan that would allow him to be done and for Rez’ Ek to further his cause. Rez’ Ek however was unaware that the plan was not fully true. for the two were scheduled to fight each other.

Rez’ Ek did not want to fight Dromax. but during the fight he whispered something to him. “Freedom will always come with a price.” the battle concluded with Rez’ Ek the victor and his friend dead. In a divergence from his culture, Rez’Ek adopted a name not of his kind. Introducing himself as Rez’Ek Dromax, both to honor his friend and to keep his memory close."

After the battle Rez’ Ek was sponsered out of the arena by a man who required bodyguards. This was not part of his plan as it took him away from the place he sought to use to further his cause. as he was informed of his new job he quickly realized that he might fight for his cause in other ways.

Rez' Ek Dromax

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