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1. House Rules— This section will contain any rules clarifications or changes from standard D&D 3.5 not covered elsewhere, and will contain a reference to those modifications made elsewhere. A link to any custom classes I build will also be found here.

2. Races— Racial Primers for Players- This section contains short briefings on each race’s culture within the region of Calagea, a physical description, and the in game mechanics for each race. It also contains an explanation of which half breeds are possible and why.

3. Class Primer— This section will describe the common knowledge about each of the primary classes and their variants. More will be added as needed.

4. Regional Primer— This section will contain information and links which deal with the Region of Calagea as a whole.

5. National Primer Index— This section will have links to the commonly known information about each individual nation of the region.

6. The Powers that Be — This section will describe the common knowledge related to the Fae, Dragons, and similar powerful beings and factions with no nation to call their own, or who exist outside of the limited physical confines of Elsair.

Player Index

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