Thracius Rendmane

Handsome Marcellonian Merchant


Dripping with charisma.

High Concept:
Wants to see the world in order to buy/sell exotic wares.

Every merchant starts at the bottom, let’s start with basic wares.

Beastly bodies, conceal humane hearts.

Even “Creatures of the Wild” get lost in the woods.

Combat may be avoided, every creature has their price for peace.

It’s hard to pass up a good investment.

The man standing before you seems to embody “understated perfection”. His clear blue eyes, toothy grin, clean features and meticulously combed black hair all seem to work together to disarm any apprehensions you may have. Lithe and athletic, his movements are smooth and poised.

In contrast to his pristine physical features, he seems perpetually under-dressed.

He treats his Unseelie partner Quillaqui as an equal in their business transactions. You catch him affectionately sneaking a hug or a kiss, aside from that their relationship seems to lack emotional intimacy.


His father’s son, beginning to seek his own fortunes.

Growing up:

Thracius (thray-shuss) was raised by his merchant father, this taught the young man the value of economics, and the occasional need to pack up and move. During his childhood Thracius would resent the constant moving involved with his fathers business. As he grew into a man he came to understand the need, and urgency. Entering into adulthood, he did his best to avoid causing trouble that would cause another uproot, the years had not been kind to father and Thracius could tell that father desired a quiet retirement. Thracius wished his father well, and set out to make a name for himself.

First Adventure:

Thracius was going to sell cherry saplings to a local orchard. But his start up money was stolen.

He was able to trade spices with Akashii’s tribe in order to get saplings that would satisfy his needs.

As Thracius is heading back to town, a bullette burst from the ground destroying the wagon. As luck would have it, a tribe of Hobgoblins happened to be in the area and more than willing to kill the bullette. A Hobgoblin named Ku’ama, pulled Thracius from the wreckage of the wagon.

Thracius Rendmane

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