Devoted Ogress worshiper of dragons (Kiraxxis).


Akashii is 12 feet tall, 725 lbs with ruddy tan skin, slate grey eyes and deep purple hair like you would see on leaves in the autumn season. She is 50 years old and worships the fire dragons primarily Kiraxxis. She has scars on her legs from running through the forest. She has a notch missing out of the top of her right ear from an arrow passing through it.


High Concept: Devoted Ogress worshiper of dragons (Kiraxxis).
Trouble: Some creatures must die to gain fortune.
Background: Raised learning to defend ones tribe.
Transition: Bored and curious, wanting to explore.

Akashii’s Story:
Akashii was going to help trade goods with 4 others from her village when they were attacked by human bandits. Ku’ama was traveling in a small party seeking battle and helped to fight off the humans so they could get away. Then a merchant, Thracius, showed Akashii and her companions a safer trade route to get back home. After this experience she decided she wanted to know more about the world. She felt like she was an outcast of her tribe and that she didn’t fit in. She was the only one that worshiped Kiraxxis daily. Off she went to find a new adventure with new companions….

Lesson learned (Akashii): Investigate roads before travel to avoid bandits.
Lesson learned (Thracius): Not all humans cause harm.
Lesson learned (Ku’ama): Being big and scary sometimes is a good thing.


Callagea: (Dis)Unity in the Shattered Lands Rissa1989